bKash Merchant Account Number: 01868 5000 70

bKash payment is FREE ! We do not charge extra for any bKash Payments.

How to pay to bKash Merchant?

You can make payment from your bKash Account to us by following:
  1. Go to bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
  2. Choose Payment.
  3. Enter our bKash merchant Account Number: 01868 5000 70. [without the white spaces]
  4. Enter your billing amount.
  5. Enter a reference* against your payment [Please put your EMAIL ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER (the phone number in your profile) as Reference].
  6. Enter the counter number* (put 301 there)
  7. Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm
  8. Done! You will receive a confirmation message from bKash.
  9. Please email us the `Transection ID` and `Reference Number` to email: bill@w3sell.com